Thursday 21 September 2017

The Beach Pyjamas

Sometimes to see something is to have to have something.  One of the glories of Twitter is that it introduces me to some wonderful people and some fantastic things.  This 'Now and Then' pattern from Til the Sun Goes Down for these wonderfully retro beach pjjama and holiday dress that was just too tempting not to buy.
I did wonder if I was pushing myself too far for this to be a second project, but the glory of dressmaking is seeing things like this and giving it a go.  I just knew I had to go carefully and slowly, something I am not always very good at.

Firstly though, I decided I wanted a matching jacket of some sort to go with it.  I looked around firstly to see what I thought would look right and then I found a pattern.
The jacket pattern from Butterick was really very simple so I knew I had to do this first to make sure I was getting more confident.
The jacket came together really well.  The fabric was bought from John Lewis and it hangs nicely.  I decided I would take the plunge and start on the pyjamas.
I cannot begin to tell you how pleased with them I am.  They fit and are very comfortable. I also did not make any huge mistakes or have to hide any blunders.  At some point, probably closer to next summer, I want to also make the summer dress.  I have bought some pattern chart paper so I can cut around the original pattern and also have the right pieces for the summer dress.  Well who knows,  I might have to make more pyjamas one day

My confidence took a big leap forward and I started to think that I needed to be even more serious about my new found love for my sewing machine.  Completing this project successfully meant it suddenly felt that a whole raft of possibilities was now open to me.  I got so excited that I decided the time was right to create a sewing room, which I will write more about in a future post.

To be continued as they say......

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